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Set of sealants for transfer case ATC45L BMW X3, X4 ,X5, X6


New original parts


Set of sealants for transfer case ATC45L BMW X3, X4 ,X5, X6

Sealants for transfer case ATC45L applied in BMW X3, X4 ,X5, X6

ATS xdrive-service deals with the regeneration of xDrive and 4matic drives. We repair

and regeneration transfer cases responsible for the proper functioning of the 4×4

drive. We can mount parts in our workshop.

Also in offer:

Dynamic fluid change in automatic gearboxes,
Repair of automatic gearboxes,
Sale of parts of automatic gearboxes,
Repair of BMW MERCEDES PORSCHE transfer cases etc.
Sales of transfer cases parts for BMW, MERCEDES, PORSCHE.
In order to match the parts, please enter the body number (VIN)

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Weight 5 kg

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