RAVENOL Transfer Fluid DTF-1 1L
RAVENOL Transfer Fluid DTF-1 1L
Index: 1211128-001-01-999 1L capacity   Gear oil Ravenol Transfer Fluid TF-0870 1L RAVENOL Transfer Fluid DTF-1 is a modern generation fully synthetic lubricant, prepared on the basis of PAO (polyalphaolefin) with special additives and inhibitors guaranteeing perfect functioning and optimal power transmission. It provides a stable viscosity also under the highest load conditions.
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mofuł momentu podłużnego F
Actuator Motor FR for VTG BMW
part used, operational We have modules for each model or with replacement number selected serial numbers:
27607649785, 27607636490, 27607609192, 27607610583, 27607629183, 27607619182, 27607622019, 27607617504, 27607601812, 27607636181, 27607542211, 27607639261, 27607633945, 27607619778, 27607643761, 27607607607,
27608623345, 27607639261,
27607609195, 27607639267,
27607636491, 27607601815,
27607610585, 27607633944,
27607619181, 27607607639,
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zestaw naprawczy skrzyni atc35l
Clutch repair kit for transfer case ATC35L, ATC45L
New original parts
set includes:
spacers 9 pcs.
friction discs 10
springs 3 pcs.
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Transfer Case ATC 45L BMW X3, X4, X5, X6 – fully regenerated
Transfer Case ATC 45L BMW X3, X4, X5, X6 – fully regenerated
Notice: The price applies to the remanufactured transfer case toegether with exchange to damaged one. Before purchasing please contact us to determine availability
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