Regeneration of 4Matic transfer cases

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4Matic signs of a damaged transfer case.

4MATIC – all-wheel drive on Mercedes-Benz vehicles. The construction of the drive depends on the generation, but it mainly consists in “attaching” the central differential to the existing automatic boxes and connecting it with a separate shaft to the front and rear differential. The name comes from 4 (-wheel-drive) and (auto) matic. Our company deals in the regeneration of second and third generation  transfer cases marked with the code name W164 and W166. Typical symptoms of a damaged distribution box include:  interrupting, the feeling of “skipping” (chain) when adding gas, rapid acceleration (caused by the pulled out chain and broken guides most often with a piece of housing) – howls, noise emanating from the central part of the chassis (caused by worn out bearings, lack of oil).