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Set of bearings for transfer case SEC Mercedes C E S


New original parts


Set of bearings for transfer case SEC Mercedes C E S

New original set for transfer case SEC 4Matic

The set contains 11 elements

Used in:

Mercedes W203

C240, C280, C320, C350

  • Mercedes W211

E240, E280, E320, E350

  • Mercedes W221

S350, S430, S500

Matches for serial numbers:

A2202800700, A2202800300, A2202800700, A2112800100, A2112800400, A2112800500, A2112800800, A2112801000, A2112800700, A2112800900, A2032800300, A2032800600, A2032800700

ATS xdrive-service deals with the regeneration of xDrive and 4matic drives. We repair and regeneration transfer cases responsible for the proper functioning of the 4×4 drive. We can mount parts in our workshop.

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Repair of automatic gearboxes,
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Repair of BMW MERCEDES PORSCHE transfer cases etc.
Sales of transfer cases parts for BMW, MERCEDES, PORSCHE.
In order to match the parts, please enter the body number (VIN)

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Weight 3 kg