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Actuator ring (upper) for transfer case ATC300 BMW E60, E90

Series 3 E90, E91, E92, E93

Series 5 E60, E61

Matches for serial numbers:

27107546677, 27107548666, 27107549030, 27107552701, 27107599690,27107599693, 27107599691, 27107613152,


ATS xdrive-service deals only with the regeneration of xDrive and 4matic drives. To be exact repair and regeneration transfer cases responsible for the proper functioning of the 4×4 drive. We can assembly that part in our workshop.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

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Oil Pump ASM ATC300 BMW 3, 5
Oil Pump ASM ATC300 BMW 3, 5
Original part Condition: new
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Nowa skrzynia rozdzielcza ATC300
ATC300 Transfer case BMW New
ATC300 transfer case New product. No. OE: 27107599693 Designation:  ATC300 Application in vehicles:  BMW 3, 5 xDrive No. spare: 27107546677, 27107548666, 27107549030, 27107552701, 27107599690, 27107599691 NOTE:  A returnable deposit of PLN 2,150 should be added to the price.
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