Fluid change in automatic transmission

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Fluid change in automatic transmission

We offer an oil change in automatic transmissions in 2 methods:

– Static method

Static fluid change consists of draining the oil from the box with a drain plug or an oil sump. When there is no drain plug,

remove the oil filter (if it is under the oil sump) and wait some time for a free oil leak. This procedure does not ensure

replacement of the entire volume of oil used. Typically, the exchange is subject to a maximum of 60% of the total oil in the

system. In case of excessive oil consumption, after starting the engine, when the oil pump of the box starts to work, the old

oil mixes with the new oil, which causes a slight improvement of the oil’s properties.

– Dynamic method

Dynamic fluid change in the automatic transmission consists in replacing the entire volume of oil used in the system. The oil

is removed from the converter, control valve assembly, actuators, conduits, ducts, pump, radiator and bowl. The dynamic

exchange is performed with a specially designed device. After connecting the device to the oil fill and oil return port from the

cooler, we perform:

– rinsing the entire system with a cleaning agent with a small amount of fresh oil,

– removing the old oil together with the cleaning agent, while introducing fresh oil, as a result of which we consume approx.

2-4 liters more than for static method